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Healthy Tips For Healthy Pets

January is both National Dog Walking Month & National Dog Training Month. Get tips to have more fun walking your dog plus FIVE questions to ask when selecting your dog trainer! Health is at the heart of why I chose this week's topic!

Let's get started! Why is it important to walk your dog? The short story is for your dog's health, your health and to nurture your bond. Yes, we have family units yet when you have a dog, now you have a "pack" and I believe you have to have your pack's back! How do you break the same old walking routine?

1. Different directions and experiences. Walk new territories & include some fun stuff like stairs, or new parks. Give your pet a scentsational walk!

2. Play a sit and stay game when you arrive at the end of the block or are waiting for a light to change before crossing the street. Remember to release the stay command before crossing, always praise and reward.

3. Change the pace! I use my Peloton app for fun runs or power walks. They have the tempo changes which is helpful! Are you seeking a dog trainer? Here is a resource on social media.

5 Questions to Ask;

1. Can I sit in on a class? This way you will see wha you are in for!

2. What are the expectations of this class? Are they realistic for you and your dog?

3. How does the trainer recommend reinforcement?

4. Are other dogs and owners happy during and after class?

5. Are the dogs who attend classes updated on their vaccinations?

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