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How to Set Healthy Personal Boundaries With Success During COVID-19


It's about who you allow in your space! Space is your personal time, your emotional space, and where you give and spend your energy. Time, Emotions & Energy.

Time - what is distracting you from being present when you have date night or family game time? What do you allow to violate your time? How is that impacting the health of your relationships? Emotions: Focus on your feelings with what you are reading, texting, talking, or scrolling on social media. Are comments hurtful? Helpful? Harmful? Energy: Who do you allow in your space that is encouraging, happy, productive or is complaining, negative. David and I have a saying " Get Out Of My Nest"

Here are 5 Reasons Healthy Boundaries Help Our Well Being

1. Define your identity. You are confident! You know what is acceptable in your space! Others will also know what to expect from you! How refreshing is that in a world of distractions & chaos?

2. Honors your needs and helps you to be mindful that others may not be in alignment with yours.

3. Determine the consequences when your boundaries are crossed. Be committed in taking action. What may that look like? A few examples may be, unfriending someone on social media, ending an unhealthy friendship or relationship.

4. You are respected. You don't have to be loved or liked by everyone to have respect. You have earned respect because you follow through with what you have defined as your identity, you honor your needs and understand others and follow through with your preset consequences.

5. Ask your partner, friends, kids what their healthy boundaries are and listen. How do you communicate this to improve relationships? Use statements with "I". For example, let's say you do not want to hear any more news regarding COVID-19. You could say, "It's not helpful for me to hear any COVID news at this time, or I've allotted 20 minutes a day to be informed on COVID-19 and I'm maxed out or I'm overwhelmed today, may we change the topic?

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